Meaningful content, intentionally created.


I specialize in storytelling. Your brand has something to say and my job is to find the most effective and meaningful way to get that message to the right audience. From ideation to execution, I will work alongside your team to get to the core of your brand’s message and to build a content strategy that delivers it in an impactful and productive way.


My Services

My services range from social media marketing to blog writing to web content development to podcast planning, with lots of other things in between. My goal is to work with you to determine what kind of story you’re trying to tell and which platforms will best deliver that message to the desired audience and how. My services include regular analytics reporting and ongoing checkins to ensure optimal performance.

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What is content marketing?

I work with brands who have something to say. Your voice and your story are what set you apart from the rest. Content marketing is a tool that allows you to reach a wider audience while simultaneously narrowing in on the people who are likely to feel connected with your brand. Content marketing is a way to deliver your unique brand to the world at large in an efficient and powerful way.

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My philosophy

I believe in the weight of words. I believe we are responsible to be impeccable with the way we use them. Sensitivity to the way our words impact others allows us to connect with people in a more intentional and meaningful way. Inclusivity and awareness are at the heart of every word I write and every strategy I create. I believe this makes brands more relatable, more approachable and more sustainable.

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My story

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” - Joan Didion

I became a storyteller as a means of survival and connection to my self. I love words and the way they give bodies to thoughts and feelings allowing them to move through the world.


Working with me

I have worked with a wide range of clients on a variety of platforms and projects. My portfolio is varied and something I pride myself on expanding. If your project requires services not yet listed, reach out and we can chat about making it happen!